2021-10-23 COLOMBIA

Lay charismatic connection in the Province of Norandina

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In the city of Ibagué – Colombia, the Eucharist of the lay charismatic linking of the laity who made their discernment in the cities of Ibagué, and Bogotá took place on the 9th of October. For this group of lay people, it is the second celebration of five which will be held, since, because of the pandemic, it was decided to avoid travelling as much as possible. The first one was in the city of Armenia for the laity living in Manizales and Armenia.

Cindy Alexandra Bocanegra López, Leidy Patricia Rodríguez González, Mario Alexander Ramírez Mejía and Diana Cristina Lozano Camargo, after their vocational discernment process, gave their generous “yes” which commits them to live according to the intuitions of Marcellin Champagnat and the first Brothers. On the other hand, Diana Patricia Pérez Villanueva, Constanza Amparo Rojas Carvajal, Adriana Zawadzky Zapata and Claudia Aida Rojas Carvajal, who had already been lay members since December 2017, also renewed their commitment.

This discernment process has certainly been very special. The Pandemic led them to be creative in the process and not to lose heart even though the circumstances were often adverse. That is why the lay people involved received it as a grace in which the Good Mother, “who has always done everything among us”, led them by the hand.

Immense gratitude first of all to God who continues to bless us with the gift of new vocations. To Brother Diego Zawadzky Zapata who accompanied the celebration on behalf of the provincial council, to Brother Carlos Andrés Obando and to the whole community of Brothers of Ibagué, who not only accompanied the celebration but also walked with the laity in the process of discernment.

A special thanks to the Educational Community of Champagnat College of Ibagué, to each of its members and in them to the group of laypeople, María Faro de Esperanza, for all the support and affection that the ministry of the Marist laity has received. Likewise, to the brothers and laypeople who have been accompanying the vocational process of the laypeople who will be joining us in various parts of the Province.

May this new vocational gift be a source of inspiration for each one of us to feel increasingly committed to vocational work and to carrying out the dream of Father Champagnat. “To make Jesus Christ known and loved.


Claudia A. Rojas Carvajal – Marist Laity – Norandina Province


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