2024-02-12 GREECE

Leonteios of Athens celebrates a century of existence

The Marist educational institution “Leonteios of Athens” celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, marking a century of history. On January 27, it was held the opening evening of the festivities for the centenary of the Léonteios school in Athens. The event aimed to revalue the history of the building, highlight the principles and values of the educational work; and also, “thank” those who imagined it, those who built it and gave it relevance, those who committed themselves with humility, faith and love to the service of children, those who are its heart and soul; to the brothers.

This anniversary dates back to the construction and operation of the first building of the Patissia school complex, in 1924. This approach seems cold and impersonal, at first glance; However, studying the pages of the history of this establishment, we see that the secret that allowed it to reach 100 years is the exceptional quality of the factors that played an essential role in its construction.

These buildings are not lifeless walls, cold spaces, rigorously closed doors to isolate oneself in a complacent educational work. On the contrary, over time, they have become a house for a large family, a home that cultivates values and prepares personalities to open up and flourish in society.

Some testimonies

“The Leonteios of Athens building preserves, over time, the marks of the identity and spirit of the brothers… The main objective of this institution is to provide a high level of education and adequate training, so that children become into good Christians and virtuous citizens. And, for centuries, this has constituted an indisputable and fervent mission, which has its origin in the vision of the founder of the Congregation, Saint Marcellin Champagnat. (Christos Nakis, head of establishment of the LĂ©onteios of Athens).

“Leonteios of Athens offers a people-centred education, with dedication, with a culture of equality, emphasizing at the same time dialogue and feelings” (Mr. Kyriakos Pierrakakis, Minister of Education of Greek nationality and former student of the school).

“A century in the life of men and institutions constitutes a stage, a milestone. …We owe our gratitude to all those, brothers, teachers, and alumni, who gave this school the best of themselves, and made the “Leonteo de Atenas” what it is today, and thus contributed to its reputation, in Greek society» (Br. Georges Vidalis).

“Christ wanted the Apostles to be united and love one another. He wants the same thing today: he wants Christians to be united and love each other. In the Leonteo of Athens we try to live this closeness, this approach in truth and love, to satisfy the desire of Christ and Saint Marcellin towards their brothers and their collaborators: ‘Love one another as Jesus Christ loved you… This is the desire of my ardent heart, in this last moment of my life’” (Br. François Kritikos).

“Solidarity is the main priority of the mission of the Marist Brothers, and, thanks to it, it is possible to inculcate in students the culture of empathy, education in Christian and Marist values; as well as the contribution, both to the improvement of the precarious reality in which some fellow citizens live, or to the construction of a better society” (Br. Matéos Lévantinos).


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