2008-09-25 PERU

Let us go to meet the young people!

Gathered under the motto: Let us go to meet the young people!, a meeting was held in Lima, (Peru) from the 25th to the 29th of August 2008, for those responsible for the Marist Youth Pastoral of the provinces and districts of America, following what was agreed in Mendes in 2006 and approved by CIAP in 2007. This is the third continental meeting celebrating the youth pastoral of America, with the participation of all the administrative units of America, represented by 33 delegates, brothers as well as lay men and women. This third meeting has its antecedents in the one which took place in Curitiba (Brazil) in 2004 and in Rio de Janeiro in 2006.

The participants in this meeting came together to study youth cultures and the identity of the youth pastoral in America. The meeting provided an opportunity to evaluate the progress of the youth pastoral of America, to reflect on the ways of getting to know different youth cultures, to present the outline of the international document on youth pastoral which is being developed, gather advice on how to take forward the youth pastoral of America for the period 2008-2010, and to choose the members of the new Subcommittee which will animate the youth pastoral in this region over the next two years.

This meeting was sponsored by the subcommittee of Marist youth pastoral which is a dependency of the continental Commission of mission for America. Taking part on behalf of the General Council were Brothers Pedro Herreros and Emili TurĂş. Brother Juan Ignacio Fuentes, of the Province of Cruz del Sur, facilitated, in a very creative way, the work of the group which reflected on the approach to youth cultures.

The Meeting took place in Peru to coincide with the 100 year-old celebration in this country: the brothers and lay men and women made every effort to offer a very warm welcome to the group which was housed in the Marist Residence of the University of Champagnat, Lima.


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