2007-08-31 GENERAL HOUSE

Let us reclaim the Spirit of the Hermitage!

On June 6, 2007 Brother Seán Sammon, Superior General, sent a letter to the entire Institute to promote the renovation project of the Marist places that is being undertaken. This letter focuses specifically on the work that will be done at the Hermitage. We?ve extracted some paragraphs so that Brother Seán?s own words can explain to us the aim and scope of this letter.

?This letter comes with three aims in mind. First of all, to explain the details and discuss the implications of a joint decision made late in 2006 by members of the General Council and the Council of the Province of L?Hermitage to refurbish some of the buildings that make up Notre Dame de l?Hermitage and to transform others.

Next, to encourage you to join us by taking up the spirit that drives this project and making your own the mind, heart, and vision of Marcellin Champagnat and his first followers.
Finally, to ask for your collaboration and support for what we have come to call the Hermitage Project.

To realize these aims, the letter is divided into five distinct parts. The first includes some introductory remarks about our Marist places, while the second concentrates exclusively on the history of Notre Dame de l?Hermitage from the time of its construction up until today. Part three follows with a description of the project itself and part four discusses each of the sites to be renewed. The final or fifth part includes three requests: for study and reflection, for prayers, and for support?.

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