2019-03-19 GENERAL HOUSE

Life of The Brothers

The members of the International Commission Brothers Today will meet in the General House, from the18th to the23rd of March. Their goal is to review activities already carried out and also those projected, after three years of work. 

The Commission is comprised of Brothers: Tony León (director of the Secretariat Brothers Today), Angel Medina (deputydirector of the Secretariat Brothers Today), Lindley Sionosa (East Asia), Luis Felipe González Ruiz (México Central), Sefo Une (District of the Pacific), Peter Rodney (Australia), Cyprian Gandeebo (Pace), Vincent Abadom (Nigeria), Márcio Henrique Ferreira da Costa (Bresil Centro Norte) and Aureliano García Manzanal (Province of Mediterránea). 

During the meeting members of the Commission representing all the regions of the Institute and supporting the Secretariat Brothers Today, will share their work experiences, analyze the strategic plan of the Institute relating to the main initiatives carried out by the Secretariat Brothers Today and they will address the formation programmes. 

They will also make recommendations for the process of preparing the regional formation programmes (Animating Community, Spirituality and Vocations) and they will evaluate the process of the projects already carried out. The last day of the meeting will celebrate the conclusion of the period of three years of the International Commission Brothers Today.  

The new Commission will be appointed  by the middle of this year and the new group will meet in October to define the activities for the next triennium. 


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