2014-12-22 MEXICO

Like a Comet!

In the first week of December, Br Emili Turú, Superior General of the Institute, visited the provinces of México Central and México Occidental, meeting especially with the two Provincial Councils. On 6 December, in Guadalajara, he had the opportunity to meet a group of Marists. About this meeting, Br José Contreras Landeros wrote the text we publish below.


Like a Comet!

"He passed through like a comet leaving a star of brilliant light. He passed through telling us strong and challenging things in simple and comprehensible words. He passed through telling us it is necessary to go out because we will rot if we stay where we are. He passed through telling us it is necessary to be company hospitals instead of being clinics, to take the risk, to take steps forward, even if nothing can be calculated in terms of cost-benefit. He passed through inviting us to promote a civilization of austerity and solidarity as a way towards another possible world. He passed through telling us that a personal and sustained encounter with Jesus must be the source of our interpersonal encounters and our encounter with the poor so that they may be truly transformative.

Thus was the lightning visit of our Br Emili Turú to our Province of México Occidental, on the 6th of December 2014. It was an Advent to our Marist situation and… it is decisive that we strive to live it".

 Br José Contreras Landeros – www.maristas.org.mx



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