2023-02-03 BANGLADESH

Living in an International and Intercultural Community

Br. Alex, who lives in Bangladesh, belongs to the Province of South Asia, but since 2008 he is a missionary in the Marist District of Asia. In the last Newsletter of the Marist Province of South Asia, he shared some impression of his being a member of the MDA.

The next training program for International and Intercultural Communities will take place from May 24 to July 5, 2023. Interested people may contact the Brother Provincial or District Superior, or the Superior General directly, introducing themselves and explaining their motivation and their desire to commit themselves to one of the Institute’s Projects or initiatives. It is possible to contact CMI, in case of doubts, using the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Here fellow the words of Br. Alex.


South Asia Province sent me happily to the Ad Gentes Program in 2007. After the preparation from 2008 to 2016 I was able to find a new mission with the Santal tribal children in West Bengal (Talit community and Hostel) along with other brothers. It was a good experience to begin a new mission for the poor and needy children. Later, I was asked by the General administration to move to the Bangladesh School Community. While I was waiting for the missionary visa to Bangladesh, a short period of doing a mission with the migrants’ students and Thailand for 4 months, and the formation ministry in Davao Postulancy for 4 months. Once the Visa was ready, I moved to Bangladesh 2017 April to the school community for two years. Then I was asked to take the leadership of Candidates and Aspirancy house Mymensingh, the present one. I am very thankful to God for his blessings and guidance though I went through so many obstacles to reach something good in the mission. I learned more in this missionary life than what I expected.

At present, in the community we are three brothers, Br. Cesar from Mexico, Br. Robert from Local diocese of Mymensingh – Bangladesh who is doing his degree in B.A. English in Dhaka city and staying with Holy Cross Fathers and I. Also, we have 2 Aspirants at this moment and both from the same diocese. Maybe in a few weeks we are expecting some more candidates and incoming Aspirants… (hopefully) who are waiting for their academic results. Actually, we have been living in a small, rented house for the last 10 years. This year we have a plan to buy a new piece of land for our own and build a good formation house and community building soon if God allows us. Sometimes we have a good number of boys in the house… this picture shows a big group which I experienced last three years in this house. Among them two of them are postulants in Davao, four become aspirants, but due to their personal problems, they left the formation, one candidate who is doing his second-year college (Class 12). Many young boys came and left for a few reasons. Many of them came for the purpose of their studies. Some find the place is not enough, being in the rented house, and not much for them to play or work, so they feel something very indifferent to compare with the other formation houses. So, the finding of the new place may help the boys to feel something helpful to continue their formation with future hope.


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