African Youths Eating and Living it Ifeanyi Mbaegbu, FMS


This book has many aspects. It is a book of story in the sense that it contains stories of life and death. It is historical because people lived and died and from their lives and deaths the stories were made. It is a spiritual hook because when Harold Krushner lost his son he embraced God. When Faustina lost her family she questioned God. When Nneka lost her mother and brother she doubted God. You cannot remain indifferent if something had happens to you. Bad experiences have the power to move us at least one step forward towards God or the opposite direction of moving away from Him.

Join me in acknowledging the lives of all those who have had to suffer terribly in this world, both those whose stories are recorded in this book and millions of others whose stories arc yet untold and those whose stories may never he told. Hearing their life stories we understand our lives backward and in the present and the now we come to better terms with our own believe system, not minding whether we have been correctly or incorrectly informed in matters regarding suffering, and finally project forward what we are today to achieve a better us tomorrow. When you achieve a better `you' and I achieve a better `me' we achieve a better world.


The Gift of Self...


Abundance of the Heart...