2022-11-23 AUSTRALIA

Logo for the Star of the Sea Province

In the Bulletin Star Messenger 11, the nominated provincial, Br. Peter Carroll, presented the Logo for the Star of the Sea Province, that will be inaugurated on 8 December 2022, during its first Chapter, that will be hold in Mittagong, Australia, from 8 to 15 December 2022.

There are two versions of the logo. One uses the words ‘Marist Brothers’ which will feature on letterhead that’s used for official purposes when the Province is required to act or respond in its ‘official’ civil identity. The other one, Marists of Champagnat, is more the ‘family’ name.

Four relevant symbols are indicated:

  • The Star: is subtle and formed from the apex of the cross, to the left and right extremities and to the bottom of the waves.
  • The Sea: the wave shape, with the multiples and different sizes representing the diversity of the Star of the Sea Province, composed of quite different nations.
  • Marist: the M is obvious in the centre of the design and acknowledges the centrality of Mary to our lives as Marists of Champagnat. It also draws on the traditional Ave Maria, which is as the Province of Australia’s current logo.
  • The Boat: upon the waves, is a traditional image for the Church, the barque of Christ, referring as it does to the Apostles in the boat with Jesus. The boat is also the central image used in the District of the Pacific’s current logo. We are navigating and travelling together as a community and family.

On 10 May 2021, Br. Ernesto, Superior General, communicated to the brothers of the Province of Australia and District of the Pacific that, from 8 December 2022, the two Administrative Units will be the Marist Brothers Star of the Sea Province. Br. Peter Carroll was appointed as first Provincial of the new Administrative Unity.

The theme selected for the Chapter is Navigating New Waters Together. Appropriately, it uses nautical imagery and emphasises the necessity of working together to chart a way forward into the future.


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