Letters of Marcellin – 072

Marcellin Champagnat


When Father Champagnat learned that Fr. Mazelier had to go to Lyons, he invited him to stop at the Hermitage, to discuss with him a number of things, not the least important of which was without a doubt the plan to unite their two congregations. We do not know if this meeting took place, unless we are to interpret the intention expressed in the letter of 23rd February 1837 as a moral obligation to make the visit.


Notre Dame de lHermitage, 4th November 1836

Father and most worthy Parish Priest,

I urge you, if you are coming to Lyons, to stop at our house; besides the fact that I owe you, I still have many other things to discuss with you. Thank you for the favors you do us. I beg the Lord to reward you for them.

I have just come from St-Didier-sur-Chalaronne [in Dombe, in the diocese of Belley]) where I saw His Lordship the bishop of Belley, who asked me how you were. It appears he would be very pleased if we united and worked together. Your statutes are almost the same as ours, you have what we do not, and we have what you do not. Like you, I seek nothing in all this but the good and holy
will of God.

Thank you for the little bottle, which did me a great deal of good, even though I did not use much of it.

We are still receiving many subjects. We did not want to open any new houses this year, but look how they have wrung five out of us, and still we are leaving many people unsatisfied; God be blessed for that thousands and thousands of times.

I count a great deal on your good prayers.

Please accept the assurance of the esteem and devotion with which I have the honor to be, Father, your most humble and obedient servant,

Sup. of B.

P.S. My regards to Fr. Robin, etc.

Edition: Translation from: Lettres de Marcellin J. B. Champagnat (1789-1840) Fondateur de l?Institut des Frères Maristes, présentés par Frère Paul Sester,1985.

fonte: Daprès lexpédition autographe, AFM, 112.3


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