Letters of Marcellin – 141

Marcellin Champagnat


In his letter of 20th September 1837, Fr. Mazelier makes Fr. Champagnat aware of the apparent good will of the new Minister of Public Instruction, Mr. de Salvandy, who has been in that position since the preceding 15th April.

I am sending you a copy of the letter I have received from the ministry. I urge you to renew immediately your request for authorization, by sending the minis-
ter, who will perhaps be pleased to receive it, the outline of our situation with which you honored me in the past. I willingly grasp every occasion and every idea which might be useful to you. In return, I ask the help of your prayers....

In fact, in a letter dated 15th September 1837, the minister had asked Fr. Mazelier for an outline showing the present condition of [his] institute, because the following year, he had to present to the king and to the chambers, the statistics on primary instruction, in which, he added, the Christian schools, whose services I have more reason to appreciate every day, figure prominently. As can be seen, these words of praise were reassuring. Knowing how much Fr. Champagnat wanted to have his Institute approved, one can understand the gratitude he expresses here.

Jesus, Mary, Joseph

Dear Father and respected Superior,

The new proofs you give us of your good will toward our society arouse in us the strongest feelings of gratitude. We will profit by your advice and the good will of the minister toward the Christian schools. His Lordship the bishop of Belley is very willing to continue to protect us. The civil authorities hereabouts are pleased with our institute and seem well-disposed towards helping it. But we will not forget that we would be working in vain if the Lord himself were not working with us. Please join us in this intention, so that all may be done according to Gods holy will and for His greater glory.

Since we have the same aim and work for the same master, we want to be always united to you and to work together with you. You have done us great favors and you do so every day. Your goodness and your paternal tenderness towards our brothers who have the fortune to spend some time with you will never be erased from our memory. It is sad that all we have at this moment with which to thank you are sterile words.

Please allow us to show you our deserved gratitude especially for the care you have lavished on dear Brother Apollinaire. What joy the news of his convalescence gave us! He has just informed us of his arrival at his parents.

It is with total confidence and the most affectionate cordiality that I ask you again to include us in your prayers and your Holy Sacrifices, together with your good brothers, and to believe that I am always, dear Father and esteemed Superior, your most respectful and devoted servant,

Champagant, sup. of M.

N.D. de lHermitage, 28th September 1837

Edition: Translation from: Lettres de Marcellin J. B. Champagnat (1789-1840) Fondateur de l?Institut des Frères Maristes, présentés par Frère Paul Sester,1985.

fonte: Daprès lexpédition AFM, 112.8


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