Qualities of a good superior


Compiled chiefly from the instructions of the venerable Father Champagnat, founder 0f the Little Brothers Of Mary

Edited by Rev. Ferreol Girardey, CSS. R.
ST. Louis, MO., and Freiburg (Baden) Published by B. Herder 1908


The Ven. Father Champagnat, founder of the Little Brothers of Mary, was a model superior. He trained rude, ignorant country boys to be holy religious, excellent teachers and prudent and wise su- periors. After his death one of his disciples collected together his practical instructions to the Brother Directors of his Institute, and interweaving them with what he had observed in his holy founders manner of governing, published them under the title of "Le bon Superieur, ou les Qualites dun bon Frere Directeur." It is our firm conviction that there is no better or more practical work on this subject. We have translated and adapted it for all superiors entrusted with the care of governing others. We have added the eighteenth chapter from another col- lection of Father Champagnats instructions, under the title of " Sentences, Lecons, Avis du Ven. Pere Champagnat." To enhance the value of the work, we have added an Appendix containing matter on the duties, etc., of superiors from the works of sev- eral saints and masters of the spiritual life. It is our jhumble opinion, as well as that of several competent judges, that this work will prove useful not merely to superiors of religious communities and to the clergy, who as confessors or ecclesiastical su- periors, have the direction of convents, but also to every priest, to every one having charge of souls or governing others. In it they will find clearly delineated their duties, the virtues they should practise as superiors, and the manner of governing well.

May our Lord Jesus Christ, the Model of all superiors, bless this work and render it profitable to all who will read it.

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