The Memoirs of Little Brother Sylvestre

An edited compilation of the recollections and reflections of Brother Sylvestre, one of the first of St Marcellin Champagnat?s Little Brothers of Mary Edited by Michael Green FMS


First published in English 2008. This edition 2015.
National Library of Australia
ISBN 0 9586359 8 6
Published by: Marist Publishing PO Box 1247 Mascot NSW 1460
Sydney Australia

This edition of the writings of Brother Sylvestre was prompted by the work of the International Patrimony Commission of the Marist Brothers. This Commission and the General Council have seen the importance of developing a canon of early Marist documents available in the four official languages of the Institute. The work was supported, in particular, by Brother Peter Rodney during his time as a General Councillor.

Suggestions and assistance from a number of people have been generous and helpful. For advice on the critical introduction, the wisdom and encouragement of Conrad Mathias and Brother Aureliano Brambila have been most welcome. Detailed suggestions on the text have been offered by the members of the Patrimony Committee of the Province of Australia – Brothers Kevin Blyth, Brian Etherington, Desmond Murphy, Frederick McMahon, Brian Sweeney, Christopher Wade and Gerard Williams [RIP]. Brothers David Hall and Neville Solomon, have taken a close interest in progress and made a number of important interventions.

Deep appreciation must also be expressed to Brother Douglas Welsh for his readable and accurate translation, and to Brother Paul Sester for the French edition on which this publication has been sourced.


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