2013-10-05 BRAZIL

Marist charism and educational principles

After months of preparation of the contents and necessary didactic resources, we can announce that the course on Marist charism and educational principles will begin on February 3rd, 2014, and it will be offered in the four official languages of the Institute.

It is a great joy to offer this service of Marist formation to the Brothers and lay throughout the Marist world. The characteristics of a course with potential students in all the countries where we are present give to this initiative an international dimension which on the one hand is a richness, but on the other forces them to overcome many difficulties. At this time, we can already provide some practical information to guide those who may wish to attend these courses.


Registration dates and payment of tuition

Enrolmentmust be made through a process consisting of three stages:

1. Registration to the course. It is achieved by the student through the presentation of the required academic documents and the completion of information on a registration form located on the course’s web page: www.pucpr.br/carisma

Registration must be completed by November 28, 2013.

2. Confirmation of registration. The Secretariat of PUCPR will have until December 8th, 2013, to verify the registration requirements and it will issue a fiscal note indicating the cost of the course. 

3. Payment of tuition fees. Following the notice of registration, we may proceed to pay the tuition which must be received by January 18, 2014, by way of the deposit of the tuition amount into bank account CNPJ: 76.659.820/0003-13 in the name of ASSOCIAÇÃO PARANAENSE DE CULTURA. Once the deposit has been made, the student informs by e-mail the PUCPR, attaching a copy of the invoice, at one of the following e-mail addresses:

FR: [email protected]
EN: [email protected]
PT e ES: [email protected]


Enrolment fee

Tuition is 4,000 US Dollars which can be entirely paid upon registering for the course or in two instalments of 2,000 Dollars: one upon registering and the other one at the beginning of the fifth discipline (October 13th to 25th, 2014).  In the event this second option is selected the first instalment will be of $2,000 and the second payment will be of $2,100.

The tuition amount does not include bank fees for the transfer of money, or the final processing fee of the title, or the travel cost the student may incur for the face exam prior to completing the course.

The face exam and the presentation of the Final Course Project are two requirements under Brazilian law to give recognition to all courses taken at a distance.

The Universities that are part of the International Marist Network of Institutions of Higher Education may offer their students a double degree. Thanks to an agreement with the PUCPR, their students can take the course on Marist Charism and Educational Principles at a distance offered by this University and each University, in turn, may legalize the course for its validity in the country where it is located.

For further information, you may consult thePUCPR web page www.pucpr.br/carisma with a space dedicated to the course, or contact us at:


FR: [email protected]
EN: [email protected]
PT e ES: [email protected]

Telephone:+55 41 3271-1795 extension 6397

Certain that Mary and Marcellin accompany our steps and encourage our hearts to head toward a new land where the Marist charism and educational principles will fertilize the field of the father of families, I remain at your disposal for whatever information may be useful.

H. AMEstaún
Course Coordinator – PUCPR


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