2021-12-02 SPAIN

Marist Child Protection Team of Catalunya participated in an international summit

“We Marists are experiencing a change of institutional culture that leads us to work without pause in the process of prevention and protection of the rights of children and young people at all levels of our educational works”, said the coordinator of the Child Protection Team of Marists Catalunya, Raimon Novell, as he spoke at the international summit of Keeping Children Safe, which took place from the 8th to the 11th of November through the internet.

In his talk, Raimon spoke about the commitment of Marists, brothers and laypeople, in a process of co-creation of the culture of “safeguarding” (safeguarding) through networking, always having “the rights of children and young people as one of the essential pillars of the Marist mission”. “Beyond the Marist sphere, we work with other entities, organisations and institutions, public and private, from which we hope to learn and also to enrich them with our experience: some examples are KCS, the Spanish Standardisation Agency (UNE), UNICEF, EDUCO, PORTICUS IBERIA”, Raimon also mentioned during his speech at the international summit on keeping Children Safe.

The full presentation of his participation can be seen here:


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