2022-08-02 SPAIN

Marist Community and NGOD SED are present in Bolivia

The NGO SED, of the Champagnat Marists of Spain, promotes education and evangelization in Bolivia through its volunteers and different projects and works aimed towards helping those most in need.

Br. Gregorio Bartolomé, from the Province of Mediterránea, was in Roboré (Santa Cruz) along with Rocío and Javier, two volunteers who accompanied him. The following is a summary of the testimony of Brother Gregorio, a SED volunteer.

“It has been an intense week of listening, meeting, and communication, in which we have talked about their needs and how they have lived through the years of the pandemic.

An important issue we are discussing is how the group of volunteers and SED can continue to collaborate with the needs of the rural communities. At the time of the meeting, we are already planning some initiatives that we will share with the Marist Brothers of Bolivia, the technical staff, SED management, and the volunteer group. The members of the team who are currently on the ground (Rocío, Javier and I) will try to formulate some outline to give it structure.

We are very pleased and feel tremendously satisfied with the experience. It is hard to walk for a whole day on dusty roads, from house to house, with the wind in our faces and the heat often suffocating, but meeting our families in their homes, sharing their food made with the greatest affection, their lemon soda or coffee, is something that is full of meaning and sweetness.

The hugs from the elderly and the children are signs of infinite, sincere affection and the joy of the encounter. We feel that God and our Good Mother have given us this opportunity to share much more than just time, because in conversations feelings and situations arise that are normally shared with someone who loves you and wants to know about the other.

Only volunteers who have lived this experience can know and imagine how many times we are asked about each of the volunteers from previous years, about the details of each one of them, such as personal and family matters.

Greetings from the Brothers of the Marist community of Roboré, as they have always offered us their home and their warm welcome”.

Gregorio Bartolomé | Marist Brother and SED volunteer


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