2021-10-16 BRAZIL

Marist Directors’ Forum: the school we dream of

In its third edition, the “Marist Forum of Managers” continues to be an area for formation, exchange, the projection of the mission and a stimulus for the principal leaders of the Province of Brasil Centro-Norte. Held from the 5th to the 7th of October, it brought together in Brasilia, managers, whether in person or virtually, to discuss the practice of education, in a renewed, updated and contextualised way. The Provincial, Br. Ataide José de Lima, opened the event with a reflection on the school that we are, in the light of the Marist founding values, enlightened by the proposal presented during the Global Education Pact, which invites us to put the individual at the centre of educational action. With a prospective outlook, he said “we wish to think about the school of the present, but also to dream of the school of the future”.

The end of the three-year term of the provincial administration is crowned with this meeting of leaders, evaluating the past, acknowledging the present and thinking about the future. The timing couldn’t be better: soon the Assembly and the Provincial Chapter will move the Institution again! And in December a new triennium begins, inaugurated with the Provincial Chapter.

The school we dream of

Imagining the ideal school was part of the group dynamics of the meeting: the school we are, the school we wish and the school we dream of. The programme also included a presentation on the Global Education Pact and the Marist Fundamental Values, by Paulo César Pedrini and Br. Evilázio Teixeira; on the theme, the School of the present in dialogue with the future. The speakers were Ângelo de Souza, Dalila Oliveira and Mozart Neves. The vice-president, Brother Renato Augusto da Silva, dealt with the main themes of the triennium.

There were also cultural moments: a musical presentation by the Ariano Suassuna Armorial Orchestra, from the Marist College Pius X, and a Multilingual demonstration: Reglus, from the Marist College Pius XII.

The third edition of the Champagnat Award also had an area in the event and awarded the Socio-educational Units, in eleven categories: Recruitment of New Students, Marist in the Media, Student Loyalty, Technological Innovations in Evangelisation with Children and Young People, Actions of social impact in the context of the pandemic, and five other categories: Human Sciences, Natural Sciences, Languages and Codes, Mathematics, and Writing.

The Champagnat Oscar

The traditional award was also presented to the schools for the work conducted in the various categories mentioned above, in recognition of the good practices and performance of the units, throughout the year, in the development of actions and goals achieved.

Human Sciences, Nature, Mathematics and Languages and Codes: Dom Silvério; Drafting: Patos de Minas; Recruitment of New Students: Águas Claras; Marist in the Media: Araçagy; Student Loyalty: N. Senhora de Nazaré; Technological Innovations in Evangelisation with Children: Marist Apprenticeship; Technological Innovations in Evangelisation with Young People – Marist Apprenticeship; Technological Innovations in Evangelisation with Young People: São Luís; Actions of Social Impact in the context of the pandemic, solidarity: CEMADIPE.


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