Water from the Rock – Process of consultation

Water from the Rock

During the preparation of the text Water from the Rock a number of consultations took place. As part of the first process of consultation members of the International Patrimony Commission and other experts in our Patrimony were invited to answer a series of questions. The questions related to the themes of the various parts (chapters) of Water from the Rock: Part 2 (our spiritual journey), 3 (communal life) and 4 (mission).

The responses of these Brothers are now being made available as a resource in order to deepen our understanding of the spiritual heritage which underlies the Water from the Rock. They are offered as they were written; each Brother choosing his own way to present his understanding of Marcellin and our First Brothers.

Un camino espiritual maristaJaume Parés, fms – (Doc. word – 50 kb)
English | Spanish | French

The Marist Spirituality of St Marcellin ChampagnatMichael Green, fms – (Doc. word – 50 kb)
English | French | Portuguese

Consultation on “A Marist Spiritual PathAureliano Brambila, fms – (Doc. word – 40 kb)
English | Spanish | French

The Circulars: Witnesses to the evolution of Marist SpiritualityAndré Lanfrey, fms – 2004 (Doc. word – 280 kb)
English | Spanish | French | Portuguese

Thinking of Marist Apostolic SpiritualityIvo Antinio Strobino, fms – 2004 (Doc. word – 80 kb)
English | Spanish | French | Portuguese