Chronology of the cause of Marcellin Champagnat

  • 21/07/1888 – 22/12/1891
    Ordinary Processus in the Diocese of Lyons
  • 31/01/1892 – 02/04/1894
    Processus on the writings
  • 20/11/1894 – 11/05/1895
    Processus on non-cultus
  • 12/12/1895
    Approval of his writings
  • 3/07/1897
    Decree of introduction of the Cause
  • 25/05/1896
    Approval of the validation of the non cultus Processus
  • 7/04/1897 – 24/07/1899
    Apostolic Processus on his sanctity
  • 1/12/1900
    Approval of the above Processus
  • 7/04/1897 – 11/01/1902
    Apostolic Processus on his virtues
  • 12/12/1903
    Presention of the Positio super Virtutes
  • 3/05/1910
    Antepreparatory Congregation
  • 12/03/1912
    Preparatory Congregation
  • 22/06/1920
    General Congregation
  • 11/07/1920
    Publication of the Decree on the Heroicity of Marcellin’s Virtues by Pope Benedict XV
  • 10/1939
    Cure of Mrs Georgina Grondin from a malignant tumor in Waterville, Maine, USA
  • 12/11/1941
    Cure of John Ranaivo from cerebrospinal meningitis, in Antsirabe, Madagascar
  • 03/05/1955
    Decree recognizing these two cures as miraculous
  • 29/05/1955
    Pope Pius XII proclaims Marcellin Champagnat Blessed, in St Peter’s Basilica, Rome
  • 21/06/1957
    The Sacred Congregation of Rites grants the Decree of Renewal of the Cause
  • 07/1976
    Cure of Br Heriberto Weber Nellessen, in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • 26/06/1997
    The medical experts on the consultative committee consider that the illness of Br Heriberto was “a serious pulmonary affection characterized by bilateral nodular dissemination leading to a marked insufficiency in breathing with serious consequences for his general health/” They also stated that the cure was “very rapid, complete and lasting, and inexplicable”
  • 20/02/1998
    The theological Consultors in their own Committee recognized the preternatural state of the cure, which they attributed to the intercession of Marcellin Champagnat
  • 3/07/1998
    The Ordinary Congregation of the Cardinals and Bishops decided unanimously that this was an authentic miracle
  • 9/01/1999
    Pope John Paul II promulgated the Decree on the miracle
  • 18/04/1999
    Pope John Paul II convoked the Ordinary Consistory in the Apostolic Palace for the vote on various Causes of Canonization: Marcellin Champagnat, Juan Calabria, and Agustina Livia Pietrantoni, and announced that the Canonization of these three would take place on 18th April 1999