General Secretariat

Br.  Carlos Alberto Huidobro, Secretary General

The Brother Secretary General has charge of the Secretariate of the General Council. He is responsible for the minutes of the General Council meetings, and handles the official correspondence in the name of the Institute.


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The Secretary General must himself fulfil a number of tasks and must also count on the collaboration of other services that he is in charge of co-ordinating for more efficiency.

  • Secretary for Council sessions.  The General Council meets either in plenary sessions twice a year, or in regular Council sessions.  The Secretary General is charged with preparing the agenda and drawing up the Council minutes.  He then drafts the official decisions, has them signed by the Superior General, sends them to the people concerned, and sees to any necessary follow-up.
  • Official correspondence. He is in charge of the official corres-pondence of the Institute with the Administrative Units. He communicates the decisions to the Provincials and their secretaries. He updates the postal, telephone, and electronic addresses in order to regularly edit the book of addresses. He receives the requests from the Provinces and sees to it that a timely response is given either through him or through a more appropriate source. He sends information that the General Council wishes to be published to the Director of Publications.
  • Documentary Management. In co-ordination with the Director of the Archives, he assures the good functioning of the programme Archivum. He encourages the adoption of this programme in the Provinces.
  • Organizing translation services. The great majority of texts written by the Administration of the Institute require translation. All requests for translations go to him. He can delegate this co-ordination to another person. This one manages the workload of each and sees to it that work is done smoothly and in a reasonable time frame. He can call upon other brothers or lay people in the house when there is need.

Also, during international sessions, he organises the simultaneous translators by first getting into contact with the Provincials and then with the brothers who will be able to provide this service.

  • Coordination of data processing and general services.  He receives requests for repairs and help, which he passes on to the computer technician or his helper.  He meets with him regularly to review the progress of the work and he sees to it that everyone has the material which will allow them to carry out their work in the best way possible.
  • Supervision of other services. He oversees the proper functioning of the work in Postulation, Procuration, Statistics, Archives and documentary management, and Communications services.
  • Link with the Commission Secretaries and Directors of Bureaus.  Every Executive Secretary of a Commission and every Director of a Bureau depends directly on a General Councillor. The Secretary General sees to it that the work of each person is facilitated by assuring the translations asked for and the equipment they need.
  • Other tasks:
  • The Secretary General is a member of the Gestion Council.
  • He also participates on the Personnel Committee, the Archives Committee and the Technical Committee.
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