Secretariat for Education & Evangelization

Br. Carlos Alberto Rojas Carvajal and Br. Mark Omede, Directors for the Secretariat | Diugar Enrique Madera Buscarini, Secretary


The Secretariat for Education & Evangelization is a strategic instrument of the General Government for the animation, strengthening and interconnection of the Marist mission at all levels of the Institute. Its purpose is to contribute creatively, boldly and prophetically to the fidelity and development of the mission “to make Jesus known and loved by children and young people”. In response to the call of the 21st General Chapter, the Secretariat must take up the challenge of contributing to the construction of the Marist mission in a new world, with the aim of responding to the voices and calls to evangelize contemporary children and youth.

The activity of the Secretariat involves formal and non formal education, social works and works of insertion, and evangelization projects.


Among the principal aims of the Secretariat are the following:

  1. Animate and support the mission of the Administrative Units and the Regions of the Institute.
  2. Encourage the search for harmony, integration and interconnection in network of the mission among the Administrative Units and Regions.
  3. Build, in a participative way, the vision of the future of the mission.
  4. Propose directives and policies that foster the accomplishment of the mission.
  5. Co-ordinate processes, projects and events under the responsibility of the Secretariat, at regional and global levels of the Institute.
  6. Contribute to processes and activities with a view to the sustainability and viability of the mission in the areas and regions where this is necessary.
  7. Represent the Institute in matters of mission, within and outside the Marist sphere, in the name of the General Government.