The Cmi Department

Br. Valdícer Civa Fachi, Director

Cmi (Collaration for Mission Internacional) is a Department of the General Administration.

  • C: Collaboration:  Marists of Champagnat together;
  • m: for mission: to the most vulnerable children and young people;
  •  i: international:  expressing our global availability for intercultural community.
Objectives of Cmi: 
  • Develop and grow an international Marist Volunteer Network.
  • Promote and manage the establishment of International and Interprovincial communities.
  • Support the life and mission of the Marist District of Asia (MDA).
  • Foster a Culture of Encounter and an international mind-set among all Marists.
Cmi follow international mission initiatives:

Cmi collaborates with international, intercultural and inter-congregational communities:

Marist Volunteering

International solidarity is expressed through our sharing of human resources, as well as our economic assets. Cmi promotes and coordinates an Interprovincial Volunteer Program.