XIX Chapter – 1993, Roma

09/1993 – 126 Brothers participants

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This Chapter centered its attention on four major themes: Mission, Solidarity, Apostolic Spirituality, and Formation. Intersecting these and relating to them were the topics of discernment, the laity, and Marist community.Just two documents emanated from the Chapter, a Message to the Brothers, and the Formation Guide. Deliberations reflected a desire to revitalize the Institute by means of an attitude of creative fidelity leading to well-planned, meaningful courses of action. The delegates chose the word refounding to refer to these hopes for revitalization. For the first time ever, lay people were present at a Chapter. The Chapter Assembly accepted a proposal by the Superior General and his Council, and welcomed the laity as guests.Yet contrary to all the nice rhetoric about lay people, the Assembly refused to grant the Superior General and his Council the authority to extend a similar invitation for the next Chapter. Even so, the possibility was open to rely on a good number of lay people during the entire General Conference in 1997 – and they played a very significant role, as did a small group of Brothers 30 years of age and younger. One recommendation that would have a big impact on the time frame of 1993-2000 came from the Commission on Government. The Chapter asked the General Council to look into a possible restructuring of the Institute, and to take any measures that it deemed necessary in this regard. Adopting another proposal from the same Commission, the Chapter approved a new method for electing the General Council and the delegates for the Chapter of 2001.The Chapter expressed the wish that a document be prepared on the topic of Marist education. That gave rise to In the Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat: a Vision for Marist Education Today, a text which may be studied at the coming General Chapter.These years have been marked by socio-political conflicts in many parts of the world, especially in Africa and Oceania. Eleven Brothers lost their lives in Africa, most of them obviously martyred for their charity and apostolic zeal.. Other Brothers put themselves at the service of the Superior General, to be an evangelizing presence in those areas of heightened tensions and risk. Taking into account the pain and sorrow occasioned by those who died, they can be seen as the greatest grace that we have received from God these days. Another exceptional grace was the Church’s official recognition of the sanctity of our Founder at his canonization on April 18, 1999 here in Rome. We continue to live that event as a gift from God and a present from our Good Mother.