I General Conference

The first General Conference took place in Rome (Italy) from April 28th to 15th May 1971, during the Generalship of Brother Basilio Rueda. 57 Brothers took part, including the former Superior General Charles Raphael and the General Council. In some of the preparatory drafts the conference was referred to as: ‘ the postconciliar and postcapitular conference’. There were three days of conferences and group discussions facilitated by the Jesuit Fathers Ramón Mijares and Brother Arvesú, followed by twelve days of prayer, reflection and sharing.

The topics that were studied revolved round the wide concepts of renovation proposed by the Council and adopted by the special Chapter, explained by each one of the General Councillors and followed by discussions by regions and in a common setting.

The text used for reference was that taken from the address given by Brother Basilio, the Superior General: Shared meditation of the Brother Superior General in the presence of his Brother Provincials.

In that text a slogan was adopted which for many became the rule to be followed: ‘ Let us help in the birth of the dawn’.