General Superiors of the Marist Institute

Our current Superior General is Brother Ernesto Sánchez. As the successor of our Founder, he gathers everyone in the Congregation around our God and brother, Jesus. Here you can get to know also, about the 12 men who have preceded him in this role.

14. Br. Ernesto Sánchez
Ernesto Elected on: 03/10/2017
Country: Mexico
13. Br. Emili Turú
Emili Elected on: 26/09/2009
Country: Spain


12. Br. Seán Sammon
Seán Elected on: 03/10/2001
End: 26/09/2009
Duration of government: 8 years
Country: United States


11. Br. Benito Arbués
Benito Elected on: 07/10/1993
End: 03/10/2001
Duration of government: 8 years
Country: Spain


10. Br. Charles Howard
Charles Elected on: 07/10/1985
End: 07/10/1993
Duration of government: 8 years
Country: Australia


9. Br. Basilio Rueda
François, Elected on: 24/09/1967
End: 07/10/1985
Duration of government: 18 years
Country: Mexico


8. Br. Charles-Rafaël
Charles-Rafaël Elected on: 24/09/1958
End: 24/09/1967
Duration of government: 9 years
Country: Belgium


7. Br. Léonida
Léonida, Elected on: 24/09/1946
End: 24/09/1958
Duration of government: 12 years
Country: France


6. Br. Diogène
Diogène, Elected on: 24/05/1920
End: 23/02/1942
Duration of government: 22 years
Country: France


5. Br. Stratonique
Stratonique, Elected on: 14/10/1907
Duration of government: 13 years
Country: France
4. Br. Théophane
Théophane, Elected on: 25/04/1883
Duration of government: 24 years
Country: France
3. Br. Nestor
Nestor, Elected on: 10/03/1880
End: 09/04/1883
Duration of government: 3 years
Country: France


2. Br. Louis-Marie
Louis-Marie, Elected on: 10/07/1869
End: 09/12/1879
Duration of government: 19 years
Country: France


1. Br. François
François, Elected on: 12/10/1839
End: 18/07/1860
Duration of government: 20 years
Country: France