Central theme of the Marist International Mission Assembly

Sharing around the fire

The Preparatory Commission would like to propose a reflection on three crosscutting themes that will unify the process leading to the II MIMA, namely: spirituality; vocation in the context of the new relationship between laity and brothers; and evangelization. These three themes are divided into sub-themes to facilitate reflection and the structuring of the entire process.
Our suggestion is to work on these themes freely, according to the sensitivity and culture of each situation within the Marist institution in the world. The number of groups to be organized, as well as the criteria to integrate each group, will be up to each local commission. The groups can address all the worksheets proposed or just a selection of them, although we believe it is important to study some worksheets form each of the three abovementioned themes, which are interrelated and inseparable aspects of Marist life and mission.
Many people – especially some African cultures, among which the II MIMA will be held – follow the tradition of gathering around the fire to talk and celebrate life. The Preparatory Commission would like to use this sign to represent the community spirit that will gather the groups in preparation for the Assembly.
To facilitate this reflection work, we suggest 12 meetings for the local groups:

  • An initial meeting to launch the II MIMA and organize the groups – Worksheet 0.
  • Four meetings on the theme of Spirituality – Worksheets 1 to 4.
  • Four meetings on the theme of Vocation and New Relationship – Worksheets 5 to 8.
  • Two meetings on the theme of Evangelization – Worksheets 9 and 10.
  • A closing meeting to evaluate, write the final report, and celebrate – Worksheet 11.

The Preparatory Commission invites you to study at least Worksheet 0, as an introduction to the local phase, plus one of the worksheets on Spirituality, two on Vocation and New Relationship, one on Evangelization – all at choice – and finally Worksheet 11 to evaluate and celebrate the process.
The three themes to be discussed in the groups are structured as follows:

Central theme of the Assembly: NEW MARISTS IN MISSION
Worksheet 0:                   Opening session to organize the group.

Worksheet 1: The heart of the mission leading us to a New Land.
Worksheet 2: On the road to conversion. (A spirituality driving the conversion process of people and structures).
Worksheet 3: The Spirit makes our hearts beat in unison. (Rooted in the God of Jesus, incarnated in the circumstances of our world, driven by the mission, and following Mary’s way).
Worksheet 4: God’s life is flowing in the density of everything human. (Open to interreligious dialogue, to those searching for meaning, in connection with the new sensitivities of young people).

Worksheet 5:  Are you a Marist too? (A new way of being Marist at the birth of a new era for the Marist charism).
Worksheet 6: God has given us a Marist heart. (Inheritors of the Marist charism: Marist vocation as living memory of the charism. A gift to be welcomed and developed).
Worksheet 7:  As Mary, capturing the beauty of the Mystery of God. (Prophets of communion: promoting the Marian Face of the Church).
Worksheet 8:   God is revealed to us through others. (Being Marists with others: experiencing the paths of Marist life with a community perspective).

Worksheet 9:                   Being sisters and brothers to young people, and seeing Christ in others. (The heart of Marist mission).
Worksheet 10:                 Called to be light of the world and salt of the earth. (Together in the mission, with a new heart, in a new world).

Evaluation / writing the report / celebration:
Worksheet 11:  Contemplating the path we traveled as a group.

The people gathered around the fire: recipients of the preparatory process.

The local and Province/District phases are aimed at everyone involved in the Marist life and mission.


  • You are encouraged to form local committees or teams to disseminate the contents of the Assembly during the preparation stage.
  • You are encouraged to involve as many participants as possible from those who partake in the Marist life and mission, including young people.