Nairobi, Kenya, Africa (16-27 September 2014)

Date: Tuesday 16 to Saturday 27, September 2014.

Arrival and welcome: September 16.
Opening of the Assembly: September 17 in the morning.
Closure of the Assembly: September 27.
Departure: September 27, after 5:00 p.m., or September 28.

Assembly Location

Dimesse House of Spirituality
Dimesse Sisters
P.O. Box 24395-00502
Karen, Nairobi, Kenya
Cell: 0724 939 871

Places for lodging

The Preparatory Commission will distribute the participants in the following houses:

  • Dimesse House of Spirituality
  • Little Daughters of Saint Joseph Spiritual Center
  • Eau Vive House


In March 2014 the Preparatory Commission will send the registration forms to the people in charge of animating the II MIMA in the Province or District.

The names of the two participants in the Assembly from each Province or District should be submitted to the Preparatory Commission no later than June 2014.

  • Number of delegates by Province, District and Region:
    Delegates by Province or District: two (2) participants, a brother and a lay person.
  • Delegates by region (Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Arco Norte, Brazil and Cono Sur).
    Two (2) lay persons as delegates from each region, appointed by the Regional Conference of Provincials.
    Two (2) young people (18 to 25 years old) as delegates from each region, appointed by the Regional Conference of Provincials.
  • Some brothers, lay persons, and members of other Marist branches will be invited by the General Government in order to include the diversity of Marist expressions in the world.

Criteria for the election or appointment of delegates attending the II MIMA:

  • Brothers, laity and young people who have actively participated in the local and Province/District phases.
  • People suggested by the preparatory Assemblies or similar events in each Province/District.
  • The names suggested must be confirmed by the Brother Provincial or District Superior.
  • The persons appointed should be capable of committing to spread the message of the II MIMA to the Province/District and the Region.
  • They should also spend some time to live a meaningful solidarity experience among poor children and young people prior to their participation in the II MIMA.