Voices of the Fire


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Around 150 thousand years ago in this African land, through the action of God, the first humans came into being; in the course of history, they grew and multiplied, moved out and reached new lands. They journeyed through valleys, deserts, mountains and oceans. A diversified humankind slowly emerged and came to inhabit all regions of the planet.

The Creator Spirit decided, 150 thousand years later, that some of them would return to this African land for a new beginning, and summoned us, the Marists of Marcellin Champagnat, to celebrate the II Marist International Mission Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya. The Spirit brought us together in the diversity of our vocations (lay men and women, sisters and brothers), languages, nationalities and cultures, ages and background. With joy and hope, we have witnessed the youth and vitality of those who embody the Marist charism in Africa. We were inspired and encouraged by their desire to respond meaningfully to the challenges expressed in the faces of the children of this beautiful and welcoming continent. To be able to celebrate the Assembly on African soil has been particularly significant, especially at a time of such crisis on this continent, and it invites us to re-orient our life and mission.

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