A liqueur: Alpestre

The history of Alpestre goes back a long time. It is a story which starts in the Hermitage on the banks of the river Gier (France), when a Marist Brother, who had expert knowledge of the therapeutic properties of herbs, put the finishing touches to the precious recipe which, bringing together the beneficent properties of 34 aromatic herbs into one expertly conceived formula, attained the secret of a great liqueur.

It was in the course of the year 1857 that Brother Emmanuel prepared the distillate for the first time, mixing perfumes and tastes with great precision, going deeply into the study of the method of ageing in oaken casks for at least four years so that the aromatic and medicinal properties of the plants could mingle to best advantage in the liqueur.

From the beginning, the distillation was hugely successful and lasting, the recipe being passed on from generation to generation.

That is the story of Alpestre which still continues the tradition of Brother Emmanuel’s formula and is just as successful, thanks to the Marist Brothers of Carmagnola who jealously guard the ancient knowledge of the art of herbs.

Alpestre, with its pleasant taste and smell and with its invigorating and relaxing properties, is a precious liquid, which can still be used as an aperitive or a toddy, taken neat or mixed with coffee.

Alpestre is appreciated as much for its ancient tradition as for its modernity.