2019-08-02 SOUTH AFRICA

Marist International Community Atlantis ? Lavalla200>

In March of 2019, the Atlantis Marist International Community expanded from four to six members with the welcome arrival of Brazilian married couple, Juliana and Diogo. Initially, they spent two months living with the Marist Brothers Community in Rondebosch and attending English language classes before then moving to Darling to join Maria and the Brothers Tony, Nnodu and Pietro.

From the end of June to the beginning of July (17/06 to 05/07), the Atlantis Marist International Lavalla200> Community contributed to various activities for the children, teenagers and young people of Atlantis during their mid-year school holidays. During these three weeks, the community supported the local team at Rebecca Van Amsterdam Hall. From the 24th to 28th June, the community took responsibility for coordinating a week-long Holiday Program, assisted by leaders from Saint Joseph Marist College, Saint John the Baptist Parish and the local team. 

The objective of the Holiday Program was to offer the young people of Atlantis a safe and peaceful space for recreational and educational activities. Given the social reality of Atlantis, it was wanted to guarantee the children, teenagers and young people their right to play and learn.

An average of 150 children per day participated in the program’s activities. These activities included games, sport, dance, co-operative games; artistic workshops, cultural presentations and educational activities (life’s project, anti-bullying, developing good relationships and assertive communication).

The Atlantis Marist International Community sees these Holiday Programs closely connected with the call of the XXII General Chapter for Marists of Champagnat to be with amongst children and young people in situations of social vulnerability.


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