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International communities

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In the past three years six new Marist communities have appeared around the world, composed of lay people and Brothers, with a seventh to start later this year.  By any standards in the Church today this is remarkable.  It is a small piece of evidence that “mission is not in any crisis” – the mission of the Spirit of God that is.

The spark for this initiative came from a meeting of Marist leaders in 2013.  This led to an invitation from the then Superior General of the Marist Brothers, Emili Turú, in a letter entitled “The Dance of Mission”, for brothers and lay people “to discern, before God, whether you feel called to leave your home country to form part of an international community in another region of the world. If you wish to offer some years of your life to the service of the Marist mission beyond the borders of your province or your country, I encourage you to step forward and make known your availability.”