Join the International Communities for a New Beginning

To join the International Communities for a New Beginning, a candidate should take the following into consideration:

  1. Experience of and feeling a heart connection to Marist charism and mission.
  2. Free, personal choice and decision to participate in the Lavalla200> Program.
  3. The request to join is made by means of a personal letter to the Br Superior General or the Provincial.
  4. Availability for two or three years, renewable.
  5. Capacity and openness to living in community, preferably with some previous experience of living in community.
  6. A desire to take part in a Marist project engaged with children and young people in situations of vulnerability.
  7. Follow a process of discernment and accompaniment.
  8. Participation in the Preparation Program for Lavalla200>.
  9. Availability to be sent to one of the Lavalla200> communities or other places or projects of the Institute.
  10. Have the backing and support of one’s home Province.

To apply contact your Provincial or email