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Moinesti: A small town in the north of Romania with a predominantly Orthodox Church.  Learning the language has proved a challenge.  In 2019 the community leased a building and renovated it for their purpose.  After  lengthy process of accreditation, in early 2020 they opened a Daycare centre for children and young people – 11 in 2020.  The local social authorities identify the children who are ‘at risk’ because of their family situations.  They attend in the afternoons. The community runs the centre but the professional staff are all Romanian. Originally, their thought was to care for children who have been more or less abandoned by parents who have gone to other countries in Europe seeking work.  The present group has some in this category but also a number of gypsy children. The community lives in a house nearby.



Mario Meuti fms, Fabian Rubio Navarro fms, Esmeralda Caudel

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