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Tabatinga:  Three countries (Brazil, Peru, Colombia) share a common border in this area of the Upper Amazon.  There are twin towns – Tabatinga (Brazil) and Leticia (Colombia) – that are 1000 km to the nearest cities in their respective countries, with no roads.  So, it is quite isolated. The area is home to many indigenous rainforest groups, town-dwellers, mixed-race river people, those trying to exploit the resources of the Amazon and those defending against this. The community is in the process of determining a Marist project with and for children and young people. For the moment, they are involved in a number of relevant diocesan groups. The community lives in a house owned by the Province of Brazil Sul-Amazonia.

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Members: Mario Araya, Luke Fong fms, Nilvo Favretto fms and Mayra Gutierrez Marquez.