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Tabatinga:  Three countries (Brazil, Peru, Colombia) share a common border in this area of the Upper Amazon.  There are twin towns ÔÇô Tabatinga (Brazil) and Leticia (Colombia) ÔÇô that are 1000 km to the nearest cities in their respective countries, with no roads.  So, it is quite isolated. The area is home to many indigenous rainforest groups, town-dwellers, mixed-race river people, those trying to exploit the resources of the Amazon and those defending against this. The community is in the process of determining a Marist project with and for children and young people. For the moment, they are involved in a number of relevant diocesan groups. The community lives in a house owned by the Province of Brazil Sul-Amazonia.

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Members: Laura Patricia de La Maza Borja, Marcio Sampaio de Paula, Luke Fong fms, Altenir Pimentel fms, Maria Alejandra Castellanos Lopez