Solidarity, with a capital letter, forms part of our ADN as Christians and as Marists of Champagnat.  It is not something added to our Charism.  Our desire and our work in favor of the more disadvantaged, especially children and young people, is born in Jesus Christ and becomes concrete in the response that Marcelin gives to the needs of his time.

Today, we Marists of Champagnat, following the indications of the XXII General Chapter, are invited to live solidarity according to our reality of each day, walking as a Global Family, being the face and the hands of the tender mercy of God, building bridges that will allow us to walk together with the marginalized children and young people of life, and responding to the emerging needs of our world.

Therefore, we are called to make solidarity a reality according to concrete initiatives, in our concrete world, that will bring us closer to the desire of God, to place in the center those in greater need, according to the Marist charism; initiatives of education for solidarity, in the defense and promotion of the rights of children, and the care of our ÔÇťcommon houseÔÇŁ,┬á All his through a work connected in nets among all the parts of the Institute, that will open us to the collaboration with those who dream like we do, with a more just, more humane┬á world in the way of God.

Marist International Solidarity Foundation