A Path to Education and Maturity in Faith


In 2011, with the objective of promoting the animation of Marist Youth Ministry (MYM) in all the Provinces and Districts and situate evangelization in the heart of the Marist Mission, a reference document “Evangelization among the youth” was sent to the whole Institute.

Many Provinces and Districts revised their proposals of Youth Ministry in the light of the document “Evangelizers in the Midst of Youth” seeking greater vitality and integration with the lines of the Institute. The Provinces which as yet had not a concrete Plan of Youth Ministry made a great effort to plan and develop the initiatives.  We are very grateful for the great effort that all the Administrative Units are making in favor of the MYM.

During the last years, the Provinces and Districts asked for subsidies and orientations of support for the MYM. At the same time, we find that there are experiences and abundant subsidies prepared and elaborated in various zones of the Institute. We believe that these experiences when they will be shared will enrich all of us. This is the reason why we are making a great effort in the whole Institute to gather and collect, share and adapt some of these subsidies in a way that they can inspire the processes of the MYM which are developed and be able to be implemented in the different contexts of the mission.

Today, we present the document of Mystique of Marist Youth Ministry, path of education and maturing in faith”. The document has been developed by the Marist Union of Brazil and adapted by the Secretariat of the Mission.  It offers reflections and important elements for the organization and development of the processes of the youth groups of the MYM taking into account the different age groups (moments) of the adolescents and young people who form part of the MYM.  We thank the Marist Provinces of Brazil for their generosity in offering this document to the Institute, in this way allowing its adaptation.

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