Marist Schools


Following Marcellin Champagnat we seek to be apostles to youth, evangelising through our life and our presence among them as well as through our teaching: neither simply catechists, nor just teachers of secular subjects.


Holistic education

Education in its broadest sense is our field of evangelising: in school settings, in other pastoral and social programmes, and in less formal contacts.  In all of these, we offer an holistic education,  drawing on the Christian vision of the human person and of human development.


Creative ways

With the active co-operation of the young people themselves,  we seek creative ways:

  • to develop their self-esteem and inner capacity to give direction to their lives.
  • to provide an education of body, mind and heart, appropriate to the age, personal talents and needs of each one and to the social context.
  • to encourage them to care for others and for GodÔÇÖs creation.
  • to educate them to be agents of social change, for greater justice towards all citizens in their own society, and for more awareness of the interdependence of nations.
  • to nurture their faith and commitment as disciples of Jesus and apostles to other youth.
  • to awaken their critical consciousness and assist them to make choices based on Gospel values.

Escolas maristas