2011-07-31 BRAZIL

Marist Social Centre « Caçador »

The Marist Solidarity Network has just officially inaugurated, on 12 July, the new headquarters of the Marist Social Centre « Caçador », in the State of Santa Catarina. This Centre receives more than ten thousand persons a year, offering them services such as Socio-educational Support, Socio-family Orientation, and Socio-economic Solidarity, in addition to the “Happy Life” programme.

The Social Centre will continue to offer the services of Socio-educational Support in the fields of Communication, Computer, the Plastic Arts, Theatrical Arts and the Games of Society, etc., which aim at building up the capacities of the students, their families, and the community in general. The “Happy Life” programme  offers schools in the public network projects in favour of the various agents of the educational process, so as to form citizens actively engaged vis-à-vis society.

There are also projects for extending the expected services, such as the installation of the  Interactive Library Programme and Tele-centre. The programme will be an interactive space of cultural promotion, with access to information and knowledge.

The principal objective of the Marist Social Centre is to guarantee the rights of children and adolescents, offering the community a well structured and welcoming space for access to new content, improved training, and formation in citizenship.




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