2023-01-20 GENERAL HOUSE

Marist Symposium announced for December

A new event on the Marist calendar was launched in Rome this week. To be known as the “Marist Symposium”, it will be held at the General House at the beginning of December 2023.

An initiative of the International Commission for Marist Spiritual Patrimony, with the support of the General Council and the Brothers Today Secretariat, the conference promises to be an important gathering that will involve speakers and participants from all parts of the Marist world.

According to the chair of the Planning Committee, Br Michael Green, the symposium will make an important contribution towards preserving and enhancing the vitality and integrity of the Marist way into the future.

“We are hoping to bring together a broad and rich group of Marists, people who are involved in research, writing, animation, leadership and formation,” said Br Michael who has been a member of the International Commission since its inception twenty years ago.

Br. Michael said that it was the view of the Commission, and of the General Council, that this is an event whose time has come.

“The title of the 2023 Marist Symposium is Sources and Streams. Our topics will cover Marist history and spirituality, Marist education and formation, and the leadership and animation of Marist mission and life more generally,” explained Br. Michael.

“The nature and structure of the symposium will be that of a typical academic or professional conference of just a few days. Each day there will be several papers and some workshops, as well as opportunity for people to listen and discuss, and to get to know one another and to network.”

One quite important element for the organisers is the invitation to young and emerging Marist scholars, formators and future leaders who can have the opportunity of meeting face-to-face with more experienced Marist authors, researchers and animators.

“For this reason, it will be an in-person event, rather than online,” Br. Michael added. “Video recordings will be available afterwards as well as translated papers, but a major aspect of the dynamic is for people to meet together.”

The Commission hopes that the Marist Symposium will become a regular feature of the international Marist calendar. Already, two symposia have been scheduled – the first one in Rome this year (4-9 December), and the second in April 2025, probably at l’Hermitage in France.

Over the next few weeks, the Planning Committee is keen to receive expressions of interest from potential presenters for the 2023 Symposium.

Br Michael said that, while some speakers have been finalised, there is still space for others.  Anyone who is interested is welcome to contact Br Michael directly: michael.green@marists.org.au.

Registrations for attendance will be opened a little later in 2023.

Marist Symposium 4-9 December 2023 #MaristsOfChampagnat

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