2014-11-10 BRAZIL

Marist Union from Brazil (UMBRASIL)

After more than one year of work and several encounters, meetings and forums held, the Extraordinary Assembly of UMBRASIL studied the validation of the contributions required for the Strategic Plan 2015-2021. Provincials, Councilors and provincial Administrators of the Marist provinces of Brazil met in Brasilia to evaluate and approve the way the want to follow in the next decade.

So has expressed Br. Valter Zancanaro, Secretary of UMBRASIL: “today we approved the dreams, desires and utopias that we want to achieve till 2021. Today we start to think about strategies to make viable this way”.

The process of elaboration and systematization of the Strategic Plan 2015-2021 was performed by a group of Brothers and lay people, with a share methodology that was legitimated by all the organisms that make up the Marist Brazil, and has now come to the last instance.



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