Marist Voices: Essays on Servant and Prophetic Leadership

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On March 10, the book Marist Voices: Essays on Servant and Prophetic Leadership was published. The launch took place during the General Conference, which was on the theme of “Looking beyond… Leaders at the service of the Global Marist Family”. The book talks specifically about the Marist leadership and seeks to reflect on the request of the last General Chapter that underlined that “For a new beginning, we believe in governance that favours prophetic servant leadership and closely accompanies Marist life and mission.”

Foreword – Br. Ernesto Sánchez Barba, Superior General

The publication of “Marist Voices: Essays on Prophetic and Servant Leadership” is an initiative that seeks to respond to the invitation of the XXII General Chapter regarding leadership. In the Chapter document it is expressed that “for a new beginning, we believe in a style of government that assumes a prophetic and servant leadership, which closely accompanies Marist life and mission”.  And, among other proposals, the Chapter suggested “identifying and forming leaders, lay and brothers, at all levels, in view of growing in co-responsibility for Marist life and mission”. We believe that reflection and formation on leadership is a necessary and important topic at all levels of animation and government in the Institute. 

In the Administrative Units, we have various initiatives that seek to form, strengthen and accompany Marist leaders. We wish to support them, and invite you to develop some more that are suggested in the “Servant Leadership” project of the strategic plan of the General Administration. A few months ago, in the dialogue that we carried out within the General Council, it seemed to us that it would be useful to have written reflections, experiences and practical ideas related to Marist leadership that could serve as an invitation, a motivation, a consultation and a reference.

This is how the idea of producing this book came about.  We have had the generous response of several brothers to our invitation to write the essays that make up this book. My thanks to all those who have collaborated in its writing, among them several brothers of the General Council. I thank the co-ordinating team, Brothers Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, Vicar General, Ben Consigli and Ken McDonald, General Councillors, for this initiative and for their organisational and followup work.  Many thanks also to those who have helped with translations, revision, layout and printing.

We have a long experience of Marist leadership, beginning with that passed on to us by Father Champagnat as well as by so many brothers and lay people throughout the history of the Institute. As Marist leaders, we seek to live today the attitudes of Jesus, inspired by Mary.  It is up to each one of us to adapt and update the values received in the present context, seeking to live and exercise the prophetic and servant leadership to which we have been invited.

Download PDF: English | Español | Français | Português (2 edition)