2022-04-19 BRAZIL

Marist Youth Ministry of Brasil Sul-Amazônia holds a meeting with animators

After two years of virtual meetings, 120 people from the Marist Youth Ministry (MYM) of the Province of Brasil Sul-Amazônia met in person on April 1 at the Marist Youth House in Porto Alegre. It was a meeting for new animators, whose interlocutors were adolescents and young people who have assumed the service of animation in 2022 and have the responsibility of energizing the activities carried out in the groups present in the schools, in the Pontifical Catholic University (PUCRS) and in the Social Units where there are groups of young people.

During the day, the participants shared their experiences and reflected on what it means for their lives to be in charge of a group of young Marists. In this perspective, approaches on the integral development of the person, the service of animation in relation to the MYM process and the group experience were proposed.

The event was organized by the Provincial Team of the MYM, a group composed of brothers and Marist collaborators, and also young people designated as animators. All the moments were carried out through sharing in small groups, dynamics and collective construction of knowledge.

Marist Youth Ministry

The MYM is present in the three provinces of Brazil. In the province of Brasil Sul-Amazon it is present in twenty-seven institutions. It is a youth organization that lives the integral development of the person, the formation of leaders, socialization, the construction of a critical conscience, the living of Christian spirituality and the Marist charism.


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