2020-11-14 GENERAL HOUSE

Marist Youth Ministry to Act Globally

The Secretariat for Education and Evangelization held an online meeting with the Marist Youth Ministry Advisory team on Friday 6th November 2020.

The meeting among others discussed vital issues surrounding our evangelizing mission among the youths in the area of Marist Youth Ministry (MYM). The high point of the meeting dwelt on how best to do our youth ministry as a global family.

After a long period of brainstorming and sharing of ideas, it was agreed that a survey be designed to map the existing practices on youth ministry in our Administrative Units and the Regions. It is expected that Coordinators of MYM in the AUs will be contacted to participate in the survey alongside key stakeholders.

The team will be working on the survey based on the existing document on youth ministry “Evangelizers Among the Youths” and other key experiences from the Institute over the years.

Participants in the online meeting are: Br. Sylvain Ramandibiarisoa (General Councilor), Br. Lindly Siniosa (Brothers today secretariat), Br. Ángel Diego Ortaola (Solidarity secretariat), Br. Valdicer Fachi (CMI), Omar Ivan Chacun (Mexico central) Diogo Galline (Lavalla 200 community, Atlantis), Maria Bobillo ( Compostela), Br. Carlos Alberto Rojas, Br. Mark Omede and Diugar Madera (Secretariat for Education and Evangelization).


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