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Marist Youth Ministry – XI message of the Marist International Mission Commission

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The eleventh message of the Marist International Mission Commission of the Marist Institute is entitled “Marist Youth Ministry: a way to journey together as a global family”. The message underlines what the Marist Constitutions has mentioned about children and young people in the world today:

“We contemplate the world through the eyes of the poor children and young people. We keep ourselves alert and are ready to go to new fields of mission close to the most vulnerable among them” (Article 60).

The message, based on input from the Commission, is by Br. Mark Omede – from the Secretariat of Education and Evangelization.

The text highlights the “The type of MYM we want to have today” and seeks to answer the question: what are the current experiences so far in the Marist Youth Ministry that are helping us to stay in touch with the young people? On the same way, the text aims to searching for best practices outside our confinement, because, today, more than ever, alliances and sharing of best practices produce better results than an AU going it alone.

Through the reflections it is hoped to respond creatively to the aspirations of the Marist Youth Ministry, since we are aware that as care givers to young people, we are called “to be bridge-builders and be close to young people, especially the marginalized”.

At the end, the message leave a call to action to all Marist Youth Ministry agents:

  1. Promote MYM platforms, especially in the neediest AUs.
  2. Encourage networking among MYM around the world.
  3. Share best practices and synergies between the AUs and the Regions, offering experiences to young people.
  4. Promote MYM networking.
  5. Work with Youth Research Centres (Observatories) to continuously analyse the youth world, cultural changes, and new generational values, and finally,
  6. Create and accompany MYM experiences in response to the calls of the XXII General Chapter, to encourage listening, transformation, empowerment, and accompaniment of young people.

Download PDF: English | Español | Français | Português

The Marist International Mission Commission, made up of Brothers and Lay people, took on the task of reflecting on the centrality of Marist mission in today’s world. In this link you will find all the messages that the Commission has published.

If you would like to share your ideas, reflections or experiences with the Commission following this message, you can write to the following e-mail address:  fms.cimm@fms.it


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