2021-09-27 KIRIBATI

Marist Youth Outreach programmes

The members of the Marist Youth Team at the La Valla center in Kiribati – Brothers Barry and Tabunga – carried out a reflection program for 167 young people in the parish of Betio. The event started on September 11 and lasted 4 days.

This agenda was based on 3 themes: Empowering Youth, Ecological Awareness and Spiritual Nourishment, and its main purpose was to allow the Marist Youth members to relate to and immerse themselves with other youth members and to share share the Marist values and ideals.

Students from different schools (including Saint Louis) and those who are staying at home and receiving no education had participated in the proyect.

The program’s objectives were to allow the young people to be leaders of themselves, helping them with their studies before all the coming Exams this year, having opportunities for choices for their own future life, and doing some Vocation Promotion including Marist Brothers’ Life.

The project was possible thanks to the donation made by the Sacred Heart College School, in New Zealand, which helped this program go very well and it could supply the participants with Charts, Pens, and books. The project was also supported by the Marist Youth members and Mr. Tawerio, lay Marist. “I also extend my gratitude and thanks to my community for understanding and supporting this event.” said Br. Tabunga.

“I have been blessed with an idea; Youth Outreach initiated by our dear Marist Brothers. I love this program and I realized that it is blessing for the many youth like me. I am very grateful for my beloved Saint Marcellin who teaches me how I can become a teacher of my same age, especially during my facilitating time”, said Teingira Totarawa. (USP Students 20 yrs)

“Firstly, I would like to Thank God for my life and a special way I thank God allowing me to be part of Kiribati Marist Youth. I am blessed being part of Brother Tabunga’s involvement with young people. My reflection is based on the love of God through people I encountered during the Weekend”, Reteta Ataia Riwata (Ex SLHS (USP students 20 yrs).


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