2018-12-20 PHILIPPINES

Marist Youth Servant Leaders: Weaving life, Living life

With the theme “Marist Youth Servant Leaders: Weaving Life, Living life”, the young Marists of Champagnat gathered at Notre Dame of Kipadawan College, Kidapawan City, Philippines last November 29 to December 1, 2018 to celebrate the Marist Youth Festival 2018. It was participated by 635 young people coming from the different ministry places where the brothers are situated.

The gathering aimed to pray, reflect and discern of one’s vocation; to promote unity and solidarity among Marist Youths through youth empowerment; to respond to the five calls by journeying with the children and youths in the margins of life; and live out the dreams of Champagnat in the third century Marists.

Songs of the Festival

Champagnat of Today Friends of Marcellin
Carry On  

Marist Youth Festival Statement.

We, the Marist Youths of the Philippines, affirm that

  • God loves us unconditionally.  We are His BELOVED.
  • We are united as one global family, in the midst of our diversity.  We are part of Champagnat’s legacy and called to continue his mission to the least favoured. We are GIFTED.
  • We are called to be SERVANT LEADERS in doing God’s mission in our world today. We are EMPOWERED.

In our realities, we are searching for life’s meaning and ultimate purpose.

We are aware of social realities. We are part of those in the margins of life, yet under different circumstances and with varying perspectives, who also experience difficulties but empowered to be the hands and face of tender mercy.

As weavers of life, we give hope and we commit to the Gospel values, making our lives our message to the world:

  • We find our own true meaning of life in the discernment of our personal vocation.  We live life with a purpose.
  • We live out Marist ways as agents of change by translating mission into actions such as active participation in spiritual and socio-civic activities and sharing our talents for the good of others. 
  • We take risks and inspire other young people to become weavers of life and beacons of hope themselves.
  • We commit to our on-going formation as Servant Leaders, sensitive and responsive to the emerging needs especially to those who are in the margins of life.  We live out our Marist values making ourselves instruments of change in our family, in the church, and in our society.

As Marists of Champagnat today, we continue our journey of encounter with GOD, and accompanied by Mary, our Good Mother, we go forth carrying out God’s call and mission.  With one voice we say, “We are not just a drop of water in the ocean.  we are the entire ocean. And together, as one global charismatic family, we carry on!”.












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