2023-01-26 GENERAL HOUSE

“Marists for Ukraine” – first intervention implemented in December 2022

The project was implemented in December 2022 within the initiative “Marists for Ukraine” promoted by FMSI, Secretariat of Solidarity and Secretariat of Education and Evangelization and the recently signed Memorandum of understanding between Community Santo Egidio and FMSI.

The total amount of 15.000 € (allocated through the instrument “Marist Global Family Fund for Humanitarian Emergencies”) has been invested for the purchase of goods (in this case exclusively food items), based on lists received from local people and organizations supported by the Community of S. Egidio, and then dispatched through container trucks. Food baskets have been distributed through the distribution Centres in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kiev.

Beneficiaries are around 10.000 people in vulnerable conditions in Ukraine, in particular minors and more fragile families, people with disabilities, in conditions of extreme poverty and homeless.

Details on the food purchased and distributed: 20 Tonns of food divided into 31 pallets:

  • 4 pallets of Pasta (especially spaghetti, but not only)
  • 3 pallets of Rice
  • 3 pallets of Cereals (couscous and similar)
  • 1 pallet of Muesli
  • 2 pallets of Legumes (peas, beans, etc)
  • 1 pallet of Corn
  • 1 pallet of Olives
  • 3 pallets of Long-keeping canned fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna, anchovies)
  • 3 pallets of Long-life canned meat
  • 2 pallets of Tomato concentrate
  • 1 pallet of Milk powder
  • 1 pallet of Homogenized food
  • 2 pallet of Cookies
  • 2 pallets of Knorr soups/risotto (ready-made)
  • 1 pallets of Snacks
  • 1 pallet of Long-life salami

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