2018-09-28 GERMANY

Marists from Mindelheim in Kenya

A group of 11 Marists from Mindelheim, for the second time, animated a summer camp for approximately 65 children in Orore, Kenya, from the 18th till the 30th of August.

The group was formed by Jasmin Nimar from the Cmi team, Wolfgang Hacker, teacher at the Maristenkolleg and Br.Michael and 8 young adults, 5 of them former Cmi volunteers from Mindelheim.

Orore is a fishing village on Lake Victoria in Kenya, where there has been a community of brothers running the Our-Lady-of-Orore Primary School and a boarding section.

Approximately 65 children, most of them pupils of our school but also some children from the village, were allowed to stay in the boarding section over the holidays instead of going home. They had the opportunity join in the program of the summer camp, where they could work on something practical, or designed some beautiful or simply interesting craft work in the 2 ½ h morning session. In the afternoon they could experience fun while playing new games, practicing challenging group exercises or running competitions in well-known or new sports like volleyball, soccer, netball or even football on the large sport ground. The program was completely planned and carried out by the Mindelheimer team. Four local teachers of the school and the brothers assisted themin the activities.

The objective of the camp – to providing a safe environment for orphans or children coming from difficult circumstances, has definitely been fulfilled. They had the chance simply to be just children, having fun and experiencing a safe and joyful time. Sometimes it does not take much to make a child happy, as even only blowing soap bubbles or playing silly funny games together young and old.

In order for the summer camp to have a lasting effect, the volunteers want to organize events and personal presentations back in Germany to inform people about the circumstances of children in our school in Orore and to promote school sponsorships for particularly needy children. The school fee, which covers all costs for one school year (schooling, boarding, meals, school uniforms …) is 400 euros. If you would like more information or would like to take on a personal school sponsorship, you are most welcome to contact [email protected].

The feedback was so positive from all sides that already for 2020 a third summer camp was envisaged.


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