2020-12-07 PHILIPPINES

Marists of Asia promote meeting on the Circular “Homes of Light”

In celebration of the Season of Advent, the brothers and lay Marists in Asia embarked on a journey of prayer, sharing faith stories, and bonding as one Marist Family. 

On November 29, the first Sunday of Advent, around 79 Marist of Champagnat participated in the “Virtual Retreat” with the theme “Longing for Light”. Brothers and lay from the Marist District of Asia, East Asia, and South Asia engaged themselves in an Advent prayer and reflection based on the Circular of Br. Ernesto, “Homes of Light”. 

A team of brothers and lay composed of Br. Lindley Sionosa, Br. Nicholas Fernando, Br. Alfedo Herrera and Br. Allan de Castro with lay leaders Elma Rafil, Marjorie Rañeses and Agnes Reyes also prepared the Advent weekly reflections with the hope of deepening more the family spirit, nurturing the spirituality of Champagnat Marists in Asia and fostering a meaningful journey of longing deeply for the birth of Jesus.


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