2005-03-16 ARGENTINA

Meeting of Community Superiors

On the 25th and 26th February, the Community Superiors from the Sector of Argentina and Uruguay in the Marist Province of Cruz del Sur met at the Provincial House.
This annual meeting, whose theme was ?Rekindling the fires in our lives and Communities?, was held in an atmosphere of reflection and of prayer.
Around thirty brothers, all Community Superiors, participated in this meeting, working on the Plan for the Revitalisation of the Brothers and the Communities for 2005.

They worked on prioritising the plan in three levels. As the first priority, the Community Superiors considered their task of accompanying each brother during this year. As the second priority, they considered the Plan for Community Living, the work in Vocation Ministry, the community budget as a key aspect for discernment of goods, zone meetings of communities and the frequency of community meetings. As the third priority, the Superiors considered the gathering of brothers: at the Provincial retreats (where possible), the Provincial Assembly on the 15th and 16th October, the accompaniment of brothers in temporary vows, the meetings for different age groups and a camp for young brothers.
In the personal life of each brother, the Superiors considered four aspects: the time for personal prayer, the Personal Life Plan, on-going formation and the Revision of the Day.
Ways of integrating laypeople in the mission shared with the brothers were also considered. This is a new and challenging task for the communities and the life of the brothers.


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